claire and shannon.png

So who’s behind all this anyway? That’s us pictured above: Shannon and Claire. (Claire in the red sunglasses, Shannon in the red hair — though that phase has since passed.)

We’ve been creating and collaborating together since we worked for the same early-stage startup in 2013. Our lives have led us in different directions since then, but our friendship and obsession with making the world a more creative-friendly place have only grown.

The idea for Messy Notes took hold in our heads years ago, though we could never land on the right time or method for bringing it into the world — until now, that is. This is us practicing what we preach.

We’re shipping before we’re ready.
We’re rolling in the mud.
And we’re going to figure it out as we go.

And we’re so excited you’re here. If you have your own creative story to tell, send us an email at messynotespodcast@gmail.com. Better yet, show us what you’re working on via instagram with the hashtag #UglyFirstDrafts.